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Entrecard Points Offer

Get 'em cheap before the Entrecard Exchange opens for trading!

You are bidding from 1,000 Entrecard credits earned through the Entrecard
virtual business card system. Entrecard card is the premier virtual business card system for promoting and advertising your website.

These credits can be used to advertise your website on other Entrecard participating websites at rates far lower than other advertising schemes. Every conceivable website type is covered by Entrecard so finding websites similar to yours to advertise upon will not be a problem.

Official price sold by Entrecard itself is USD 9.50 per 1000 EC credits.

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Terms and Conditions

The winning bidder will have the Entrecard credits delivered free of charge via coupon to their Entrecard account e-mail address on successful receipt of payment.

Payment received solely through PayPal and must be prompt.


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